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Professional family photographer in Santa Rosa Pricing for family portrait


Family Photography session From Santa Rosa family photographer start at $300

* Unlimited Photos taken

* All photo taken will be edited.

* You may change several outfit.

* You will get to keep the photo taken

* You will have printing right to print these.

This photo session will be outdoor. Additional traveling charge may apply depending on distant. Please call Santa Rosa photographer for detail

What are the different between me and some other Santa Rosa family photographer out there?

* Well, the major different is that you will have the copy right of these photo taken on the day of.  Some Santa Rosa family photographer will only allow you to view them online and that it. 

If you want to print them out, you have to purchase the copy right which will cost you alot more. Some Santa Rosa photographer do not have unlimited shoot and you will only

be able to choose a few pose and they only edit those few poses. For my package offer, you will be able to have all the photo takens and have the right to print them

after ward. Feel free to print and distribute them to your family. What the point of having a shoot if you can only view them online.


Please call Santa Rosa photographer Andy Sandy if you have any question.


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