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How to narrow down your choices of Santa Rosa photographer




Step to help you choose and narrow down your choice of Santa Rosa wedding photographer


Take some time to visit each Santa Rosa photographer ‘s website. Review the portfolio carefully to see what is his/her photography focus are. For instant, is the photographer focus on landscape photography , architectural photography or wedding photography. Majority of professional photographers are  versatile. If you need anything that has to do with picture, they pretty much can capture it.   Beside wedding, the photographer can also concentrate on children, baby, family portrait , commercial boudoir photography as well. To sum up, if you see a majority of pictures on architecture photos or products photo, then the photographer probably focus on those area more.

Any professional Santa Rosa wedding photographer can pick out 20 of their best photo to show case their work so try to focus on those who show many pictures.  With many pictures showing, the photographer probably had many past clients thus had experience to shoot your wedding. Good photographers usually show plenty of their work on their website. Not too many San Francisco wedding photographer will show you a complete photos that was taken at the event. If that the case, the photographer must post over 1000 photos. The photographer will post a summary of the favorite shot so you can have the whole complete storyboard of the wedding so you can get a feel of it.

Visit the Santa Rosa photographer ‘s pricing page.

Visit the wedding photographer ‘s price page to see if the photographer is somewhat within your budget range. Some Santa Rosa photographer may have their price listed for you to view.


Set up a phone interview or email the Santa Rosa wedding photographers that you have in mind.

Call or email each Santa Rosa photographer on your list after you narrowed it down. Give them a phone call or short email to see if the Santa Rosa wedding photographer is available for your wedding event. Tell them about where your wedding will be held at and the total hours needed for your wedding day. One more thing, photographer love it when you tell them where you found their contact information so if you remember how you came across their listing, please tell them.

The next thing to do is to wait and see how their email etiquette are. Does the Santa Rosa photographer return your call or email within timely manner? Does he or she trying to help you by answer all your questions and give you information or idea.

I truly think that all of professional photographers would appreciate dearly  to have customer contacting them. If the photographer spent time with you through email and phone , please give them that courtesy back if you don't book them.  A quick email letting them know that you have move on will be more courteous than ignoring his/her email.  Please don’t brush us off .

Here are some questions you may consider to ask the photographer .

How will you deliver me the photos after the wedding.

Do you give me all of the images taken at my wedding ?

Do you edit color & lighting these photos before you giving them to me ?

Do I receive these pictures in high resolution images?

Do I have the copyright of these images to print later on?

If I choose to do an album with you , will I have my choice of what pictures go inside the wedding album?

What are the fee of the various levels of coverage?

What is your photography style? Is it photojournalistic, traditional and mixed blended ?

Do you offer pre wedding engagement session before the wedding?

How long have you been in the wedding business?

Do you have any travel fees?

How much is your overtime charge?

Will you be shooting my wedding or event personally or you will have someone do it ?

Who will I be dealing with after the event?

How much is your require payment deposit to hold a wedding?

For more question to ask a Northern California photographer, please view here


Prepare to make a commitment with the Northern California photographer that you narrowed down .

At this stage, if you've taken the time to ask good questions, you’ll know whether this Northern California photographer is for you or not. By now you've probably spent a great deal of time communicating with the Northern California photographer. Keep in mind that photographers are trained professionals and that they deserve to be treated as such. Many busy & skill photographers would like to know if you are ready to make a commitment before your sit down meeting. Many of them most likely have many weddings a year and have limited number of opening spot & time to meet with clients. Therefore;  Northern California photographer will likely to know if you had narrowed down of your final choice of photographer and if you are ready to commit. Go to your meeting prepared to leave a deposit to reserve the date.

At the time of sit down consultation, you will be able to tell if you have the vibe and connect with the Northern California photographer. You want to be able to be comfortable with the wedding photographer since he/she will be with you the whole day.  Does the photographer take his/her time to answer your questions.  Does he or she bring several album sample from past clients to show you ? Is the wedding photographer showing up on time to the meeting ?How overall is the photographer 's personalities. Is the portfolio he / she showing you in large print ? If the photographer work is quality work, then the photographer will not be intimidate to show them off in large print. In order to print large size such as 12 x 12 inches or larger, you need to have a skill photographer with great equipment.  

If the Northern california wedding photographer is right for you and if the photographer is available, and if you're convinced that this Northern california wedding photographer is worth the price, then make the commitment, relax and go with it.


Blog by Northern California wedding photographer Andy Sandy


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