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photographer shot list for wedding By Santa Rosa Wedding Photographer


 Shot list prepare for Bride By Santa Rosa Wedding Photographer


Before the wedding ceremony:


Mother or Maid of Honor or bridesmaid adjusting veil , photograph by Santa Rosa Photographer
Bride putting on garter with bridesmaids looking on
Bride and bridesmaids getting hair done

Bride having makeup applied .Make up artist putting on bride's eye lash

Bride in dressing room with mirror

Corsage being pinned on mother
Corsage being pinned on father

Bridesmaids fastening the dress for the bride.

Bride embracing parent or portrait with her parent

Photographer photograph engagement’s ring as well as wedding ring if it’s there.

Pictures of bride’s accessories such as flower, shoe, necklace, earrings, corsage,

Bride’s bridal gown hanging . Photograph in front and back of the bridal gown.

Close up of bridal gown for the detail of bridal attire

Close-up of bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets

Photo of the bride’s manicure nail if she had a manicure & pedicure done.

Pictures of the bride’s gift to her future husband

Pictures of the bride reciting her vows.

Bride in front of mirror

Bride looking out window

Bride moment to herself before the ceremony

Pictures of the mother and the bride

Photo of father and the bride

Portrait for Brothers and sisters and bride

Group Shot of Bride and bridesmaids if time allow

Shot of bride and her kid if she have one.

Individual shots of Bride with each bridesmaids if time allow.

Bride’s leaving the home if she is not at the hotel.

Father or driver helping open the door for the bride get into car or limousine

Bride’s getting in the car or limo .

If the bride is leaving in a limo, then will have pictures taken with the limo along with her

Families or bridesmaid & maid of honor.

Pictures of the bride in the limousine and outside of the limousine.

Pictures of limo leaving her home.

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For the Groom side,

Santa Rosa wedding photographer will Photograph the wedding ring

Photo of best man with the wedding ring

Groom and groomsmen getting ready together.

Groom relaxing with the groomsman.

Groomsman giving support for the groom

Portrait of each groomsman and best man if time allow.

Best man adjusting tie for the groom and help prepping his to look his best .

Groom adjusting father’s boutonniere

Pictures of Parent or Best Man adjusting groom’s tie

Groom’s portrait with grand parents.

Groom’s portrait with his parent

Groom’s portrait with his child if any

Photo of groom’s attire including shoes, boutonniere , watch , tie, suit,

Pictures of the groom looking at the mirror and prepping himself before the wedding ceremony.

Close up shot of the groom getting button up.

Pictures of the groom with his pet alone if he have one.

Portrait of the groom by himself before the wedding.

Portrait of the groom with the gift for the bride if he prepared one.

Shot list prepare by wine country wedding photographer Andy Sandy


If the groom and bride can see each other before the wedding then we will do these portrait below.


The groom back will face the bride as she approaching him for the first look.

Portrait of the groom face in anxious & curious & excited & mixing feeling look

Portrait of the bride as she walking up to her groom from behind.

Close up shot of the groom face to show the express of his face when he saw his future wife after the makeup

Candid shot of that emotion expressed.

Candid shot of their love for each other at that moment.

360 degree of candid shot with close up and wide shot of that moment

Portrait of kiss ( if allow )

Portrait of bride and groom looking at each other intimately .

Shot list idea by wine country wedding photographer Andy Sandy


At the church before the ceremony.


Shot of bride , bridesmaid & matron of honor getting of the limousine or car if there is one.

More portrait of the bride’s getting ready at the church.

More portrait of the wedding patron together.

photo of the Bride and her mother

photo of the Bride and father

Bride kissing father and mother on the cheek

List prepare by Santa Rosa wedding Photographer



At the Wedding ceremony  list shot prepare by San Francisco Wedding photographer

Exterior shot of the ceremony location

Portrait of  Guests entering the ceremony

Pictures of the Musicians

Shot of the Altar without guest.

General portrait shot of the guest

Groom with Best Man at the altar

Groom close up portrait at the altar

Grandparents accompanied down the aisle

Other people accompanied down aisle

Wedding parties accompanied down the aisle

photo of Flower girl walking down aisle

photo of Ring bearer walking down aisle

Maid of Honor walking down aisle

Bridesmaids walking down aisle

Bride being escorted down aisle by her father

Portrait of Father giving away bride

General shot of the wedding itself

shot of Exchange of vows

shot of Exchange of rings , close up,

Unity ceremony

You may kiss the bride shot

Bride and groom leaving the altar

Preliminary shot list prepare for Country wine wedding photographer


Family Portrait after the wedding ceremony





 NOTE: shot will be varies depending on couple’s schedule and planning and personal agenda.  The list doesn't have to be in order. San Francisco Photographer should be creative and spontaneous so he or she doesn't have to follow the list. The list is there so you can have a visualization of the wedding event.  Most brides and grooms will tell the wedding photorapher who they want photos of or what photo are important and the rest of the shots you take should be up to the photographer. List prepare by San Francisco Wedding photographer Andy Sandy







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