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Tip to look good on photo Healdsburg Wedding photographer




   Tips for bride to have beautiful wedding photos by Healdsburg photographer Andy Sandy


Just because everyone has access to digital cameras today, doesn’t make them all photographers anymore than a typewriter makes someone a great book author.  To tell a story with a camera takes an artist with vision. It take someone who can anticipate moments, understand how lighting work, as well as someone who can capture emotion. Before you can have a beautiful wedding albums, first you must have great images. Don’t choose your uncle Kevin as the photographer just because he does landscaping photography as a hobby.

When interviewing a photographer, ask what kind of professional camera equipment do they use. A true professional wedding photographer will have at least 2 professional cameras with at least 5 camera lenses. You should definately hire professional. A seasoned professional will be fine too but look at his experience. If your looking at a low priced photographer, you may get a deal on pricing, but the overall quality may not be to the level that you expected. With less than adequate professional equipement and experience, your wedding photos may not turn out as you wish. Since you cannot redo the wedding, you need to make a right decision. Hire a pro who loves photographing wedding. It is your life dream wedding, you deserve the best without being burden to your finances.


You need to accept the reality that your wedding day won’t be 100 percent perfect


We know deep down every bride prays for the perfect wedding and We do too.  But the reality is out of all the wedding we had photographed, we never had the pleasure of experiencing a wedding where everything was 100 percent perfect. There is always something that will not live up to your expectation and little things went wrong. Whatever the reason is whether its vendor mistakes or the flower did not come on time, the bouquet is not at the hotel so the photographer can photograph it or bridal party came late arrivals. It could be miscommunication so mom and dad didn’t show up on time at the altar. Whatever the reason is,  my advice to you is don’t get frustrated because it’ll show up in the wedding photos.

Please try to take a deep breath, have a little drink, sometime little wine will help. Try to be optimistic and hope for the best. Try to relaxes and enjoy the wedding day. Your wedding is full of people who love you so I’m sure your families & friends and wedding party to do thing for you to make it better. 


   Do the pre wedding session engagement  with your Healdsburg wedding photographer before the wedding date.


Take some of this precious time and schedule a personal engagement session. It probably will be the incredible moments you’ll cherish forever. The session will be more relax since it’s not a busy wedding day. You will get a chance to get use to the cameras and get to know which style of photography fit you. Ask the Healdsburg photographer where to take these pre wedding photos at ?


 Looking up when you walk , have your chin up please.

Please remind yourself, grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen, sponsors and who ever is walking down the isle, make sure you’re looking up when you’re walking. It’s really hard for a Healdburg wedding photographer to capture you when you are looking down the floor. Remember to smile, that will be my best advice. By lifting your chin you banish the double chin. Don’t slouch either.


 Beautiful Flowers must be ready for your Healdsburg photographer


Have your florist prepare the wedding facility or church at least 2 hours before the wedding. Make sure your bouquet are there at the hotel or the place you are getting ready so the Santa Rosa photographer can capture you with the flower. Be sure to discuss this with your florist and have a plan for the day. Many wedding photographers are delayed in shooting the detail of the pre wedding photo due to the florist being late or not completing the decorations on time.

Also, it helps to assign one bridesmaid or groomsmen  to pin on the groomsmen’s’ boutonnieres. Many photographers face delays when the groomsmen are not ready or not there when the photographer show up 


 Do the pre wedding ( e session engagement ) with your Healdsburg photographers

Take some of this precious time and schedule a personal engagement session. It probably will be the incredible moments you’ll cherish forever. The session will be more relax since it’s not a busy wedding day. You will get a chance to get use to the cameras and get to know which style of photography fit you.



 Please plan  enough time for just you two and the Healdsburg wedding photographer at the wedding

This gives your Santa rosa wedding photographer time to capture you in a cool location without a lot of people around. Usually after the wedding ceremony then we will take family portrait of both families. After that we will shoot bridal portrait. This usually take at least 25 minutes depending on how many bridesmaid and groomsmen in your wedding party. Then we will photograph couple portrait right afterward.  I always recommend at least 45 minutes of alone time with your photographer at the day of the wedding.  If you are seeing each other before the ceremony then this can be before the wedding ceremony.  If not, then this will be the time after your wedding bridal parties portrait . The more time we have then the better it will be & more pictures you will have since this will be the only time you will be wearing your wedding gown.

Try to get to know your Santa Rosa photographer. Have fun and be crazy, be goofy.  Do you remember the time when you saw a picture in a magazine bride photos and you said to yourself  " I want to have pictures like these " “ It can happen to you too. But do you know that those pictures are well planned, rehearsed, and the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from at least a couple hundred of photo. The more time you spend with your Santa Rosa photographer, the more likely it is that he will capture that one special moment that only happens once. This is the reason why your San Francisco wedding photographer takes lots of photo. So give us that time if you can.


Have your parents & important people get ready on time for the wedding.

Another important tip for the bride and groom on the wedding day is to make sure mom and dad are dressed and ready early. Sometime mom and dad don’t think about being in these photos, but they should be. Parents should be dressed and ready so when it’s time to help your daughter get dress the pictures will show up better. The pictures will be much better if mom is not dress in robe while helping her daughter putting on earring, dress ect.   Let your family know an exact time for when the photographer will be there, and have the photographer on standby to catch this special time.


don’t wear mascara if you think you will cry at the altar . Water proof may not always work.

Even if the mascara is water proof, I suggest that you should avoid mascara just in case you cry. Smear on your eye will not look good on photo


Lighting at your wedding reception venue is also important for your Napa Photographer


As a professional Northern California photographers, they should try to make it work in any lighting environment, but it’s better if there are much light there in the first place. If your wedding is indoors, try to avoid buildings with high dark ceilings and few windows. Since natural light will look much better in your photos, try to plan your wedding when the room will be the brightest. Have the wedding venue not dimming the light too low will be nice. It’s nice to have dim light at the wedding venue but some of the venue we went to is way too dark. You cannot even see the food you are eating.



 Please don’t worry about scenery during the formal session


Even though scenery does help but a professional Napa wedding photographer can capture great photograph in a place that you have not thought of. The scenery doesn’t make the photo memorable, it’s the bride and the groom.  Just be comfortable and show your love toward one another and we will show you your love through our lenses & poses.  More importantly be yourself. Don’t hesitates to let your photographer know certain poses are just not for you.


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